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Sunset Marquis Hotel

Sunset Marquis is one of West Hollywood's most iconic properties, known as a home away from home to many of the biggest names in entertainment. The host for the 2021 Joe Bonamassa and Friends Ultra Rare Celebrity Jam, this luxurious all-suite and villa property features two pools, a world-class spa, Morrison Hotel Photography Gallery, Bar 1200 lounge, the world-famous Nightbird Recording Studios, and the hotel’s centerpiece, Cavatina Restaurant. Thanks to Sunset Marquis for all your support helping us change children's lives.



AskBio aspires to turn hope into cures and concentrates on unraveling new possibilities for genetic medicine. Pushing forward to advance genetic technology and life-saving gene therapy with R&D facilities throughout the world, the company is bringing a broad portfolio of gene therapeutics and technology to life. AskBio is a wholly owned, independently operated subsidiary of Bayer AG and is the foundation of its newly formed cell & gene therapy platform. We are excited to announce AskBio as one of our presenting sponsors.

Private Donor

Thanks to a private donor who is making a big impact with genetic medicine and has committed to the Ultra Rare Jam as a Double Platinum donor. We respect their wishes keep their name private and appreciate the contribution they make to advance genetic medicine with their own clinical endeavors as well as a partner of the Columbus Children's Foundation. It is a rare opportunity to work with such amazing companies and people and a special thanks to all who participate.

WayPoint Capital

Focused on Healthcare investments throughout the world, we are honored that WayPoint Capital Partners is a Presenting Sponsor. WayPoint has a rich history in the biotechnology field with the chairman Ernesto Bertarelli and the Bertarelli family name being synonymous with Serono, which was built into the world's third largest biotechnology company. We thank you for your continued support of life-saving gene therapy and the Ultra Rare Celebrity Jam.

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Bill Hawkins

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Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical

Join the Ultra Rare Celebrity Jam

The Ultra Rare Celebrity Jam featuring Joe Bonamassa and Friends promises to be a special weekend with many memorable moments. The Jam will bring some sweet music to those lucky enough to attend in a world-class setting at West Hollywood’s Sunset Marquis Suites and Villas.

Most important is the sound of the heart strings that will ring out for children with ultra-rare genetic diseases who desperately need treatments and cures before its too late.